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I love my home state quite a bit, but good fucking Lord am I glad I moved away and haven’t looked back.

I would have had a heart attack by now if I still had Facebook. The ignorance would kill me.

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look, facebook gives you a list of people to avoid talking to!

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Your Facebook is False (with Rainn Wilson)

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I didn’t really know how to react when I saw this..

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Also, while I’m here…

Can anyone tell me what the hell is up with people and taking pictures of their bar hopping groups? It seems like a huge Facebook thing recently. Seriously, almost half of the photo updates I see on my news feed are pictures of people with their like 4 to 375874389 friends (depending on the celebration cause) tagged in a large group smile-fest about to just drink themselves shitfaced. I’m just wondering if it is close to becoming a meme or something, because I certainly don’t know why it’s necessary to document every.single.time you go out to a drinking spot with people. Especially if they are always the SAME people EVERY TIME. XD 

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