Reading through the Alpha Patch Notes for WoD

Rogue’s no longer need to be behind the target to ambush and backstab can be used on the sides of the target and not just behind them.

Less hemo spam for me! :D

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Breakfast of champions! It was everything I thought it would be. :3

Breakfast of champions! It was everything I thought it would be. :3

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Putting together a nostalgia list

Basically, I’m going through my songs on my iTunes to clear some space, but in doing so, I’ve come across some songs that immediately evoke images and memories from when they were constant plays on my playlists. I figured I’d write them somewhere.

1. You Found Me - The Fray

I’m not exactly sure where I first heard it or picked it up from, but this was a staple song for one of my mid-semesters at University. I would play it when I was walking around on campus EARLY in the morning, and since I was practically alone, I was really able to take in how the weather was and how the world looked around me. It was calming and serene.

2. Say When - The Fray

Honestly, it’s the same as the first one. The Fray just seems to have the sweet spot for that kind of thing. Although, this one is more closely associated with my science building and Chemistry in particular

3. I Like It - Enrique Iglesias

This was a song one of my former friends exposed me to when I started to work out (the first time). It didn’t stick (the workout) but I keep it around in hopes that if/when I start again, this will kick it off again in some way.

4. Bite to Break Skin - Senses Fail

This was one of the first ever bands that I was exposed to right after high school and I latched onto it. It was during the winter months, so hearing it in the warmer periods still throws me off, but I associate it with my first job, my significant other (Amanda :3) and I guess my transformative time in general. I was evolving and finding myself more, and this song/band was an anthem for that somehow.

5. Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects

My S/O’s mother loved this song to pieces. I still remember riding down to the area mall with her family to do Christmas shopping for our first Christmas together and this coming on. Amanda and her sang it together, and she told me it was one of her mom’s favorite songs. It has been years since her mother’s passing, and I have since fallen out of the AAR’s music - but I never delete this song. <3

6. C’mon - Ke$ha

This song happened to show up at a time when I felt like I was doing things all wrong in life. I had since gotten out of University early due to anxiety issues, and I was only working seasonal jobs. I found the main parting theme of the song to be somewhat therapeutic in the sense that I could still do good things. I mean, it’s still a dance/party song all around, but the concept that stuck with me was the feeling of doing things in the moment and not wanting to live anywhere else but “right now.”

7. Payphone - Maroon 5 (ft Wiz Khalifa)

This song was practically always on the radio when I would head into my seasonal job. I would take care of the plants in the nursery section of Home Depot and this, for some reason, the perfect song to start off my day on. I associate it with sunrise on the road, and the subtle dew drops as the day becomes gradually warmer. I really loved working with the plants, but have since landed a sales associate job indoors. That doesn’t mean I don’t think of it still - and this is a fast track to those thoughts.

8. Free Fall Without a Parachute - Senses Fail

I know I mentioned the band before and sort of lumped the songs together, but this one has a specific memory set tied to it. You see, as part of my transformation years, I started hanging out with people I considered friends in high school that I started working with in my first job. They were nice, welcomed me pretty easily, but after some time, they began to not like me. They never told me to my face, and after I confronted the main three of them, one got defensively angry, one skirted blame, and the other verbally shrugged their shoulders. This was the first song I heard following that confrontation - which, ironically enough, was a song they introduced me to. Kind of a life lesson song to me in that regard. Pick your people carefully.

That’s all I got for now, though. I just figured I wasn’t the only one who did this kind of association and I’ve been thinking of writing them for a while now - just never got around to it. I’m sick atm, so it felt like a good time, lol. Anyway, lemme know what you think!

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So this happened this afternoon. I didn&#8217;t even realize what I had looted until the achievement popped. I honestly though the reins were blue and not purple. :P Anyway, it&#8217;s a good week!

So this happened this afternoon. I didn’t even realize what I had looted until the achievement popped. I honestly though the reins were blue and not purple. :P Anyway, it’s a good week!

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Teen Wolf

It was fun while it lasted, but I’m not watching anymore after tonight’s episode. Absolute waste of a great character. Great job, Davis.

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We made it.

I’m not even going to PRETEND like I’m making an effort to avoid this type of activity on my blog. I am bad at metered and moderate blogging. I evidently post ALL THE THINGS or nothing for several weeks. I’m sorry for those of you who had their dashboards savagely mauled with posts, but look on the brightside - you made it and it’ll be a few weeks before it happens again!

Anywho, <3 everyone!

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I’m going to do the thing. Hold on tight.

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Watching Twitch Play Pokemon for the first time

Anarchy is like an exercise in frustration, lol. I forgot that in Crystal version people call you now, so if Youngster Joey calls about his fucking rattata one more fucking time I’m deleting his number somehow.

At this stage though, it seems like a bunch of Pokedex checking and they’ve saved the game enough times to make sure it’s permanently on the internet. I hope they get out of Ilex forest soon, though - they’ve read the entrance sign over ten times by now.

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So basically

I spent like almost a month away from my dashboard, and I had accumulated about 450+ posts in my likes to blog before my hiatus…all of which happened because I just never really¬†felt like blogging.

Clearly, I finally sat down and went through them. Didn’t blog the mall of course, some were outdated and others were just questionable as to why I even liked them in the first place. But anyway, my likes have fallen from 1,450 or so to 964 - so you can tell how much I had backlogged, lol.

Maybe now I’ll keep more current! :D

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So Blizzard is having a 50% off sale on pets and mounts

Christmas came early for me and I practically bought every single pet that was marked down.


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